Property search to enable the establishment of several rail-served aggregate terminals.

The aggregate and cement producer Cemex were looking to establish new rail served depots in certain locations where they felt that their coverage was poor. They employed Railfreight Consulting to undertake a property review to identify potential locations.

We undertook a two stage approach. Initially we undertook a desk based review looking at all potential locations. Railfreight Consulting has extensive railway property knowledge and we able to advise about not only available sites but also give some insight into land ownership and the relative ease of access. This initial list was reviewed with Cemex and a short list of four sites identified.

In the second stage of the review these sites were visited and examined in greater detail. Consideration was also give to how Cemex might use the site and the suitability of local road connections. A final report was prepared and discussed with Cemex.

As a result of this assignment Cemex had a complete picture of the possibility of establishing new rail served facilities in the geographic area identified. Two months later Railfreight Consulting was asked to undertake another similar review in a different geographic location.

Cemex Case Study
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